Welcome - The James Madison GroupSM

At the James Madison Group, we train and develop local government front-line staff and management teams in leadership, supervising, customer service, and other specialized areas. Our unique curriculum is ideal for cities, counties, towns, villages, and other public entities; who need a public-sector-focused training solution.

We understand your unique challenges in providing service excellence to the citizens of your community. Whether you choose a workshop from our Leadership Academy, our Customer Service Program, or our other Specialized and Timely Topics, you can be sure to find something to help you as you develop a high-quality staff. Our having a Comprehensive List of Workshop Topics ensures that there is something new to learn for everyone on your staff.

Our Unique Training Methods focus on teaching adults who work in the real world of government and who need a practical and engaging way to improve their skills. We can also present our unique curriculum at retreats for elected officials and management teams, association meetings, group facilitation and keynote addresses.

Our mission is to help you strengthen your community as we provide your staff with the highest-quality, highest-value, principle-centered training available.