Our Unique Training Methods

At the James Madison Group we have unique training methods and a flexible training approach that benefit you in many ways. For example:

  • Flexibility in scheduling.  You can customize the training schedule to fit the needs of your people.
  • We bring the training to you.  This minimizes the amount of time your employees are away from their jobs
  • It's customizable.  You can pick the workshops that your employees need to focus on now or ask us to customize one to address a current need.
  • It's unique.  Our training approach builds unity on your municipal team because we get your people working together in a fun and relaxed setting to address current challenges and solutions to those challenges.
  • It's specialized.  Because municipal training is all we do, you can rest assured that the training will apply to the public sector's unique challenges.
  • It's affordable.  By bringing the training to you we help you eliminate travel expenses for your people.  You can buy a whole series of workshops or focus on the one or two workshops that you need most right now.