Customer Testimonials

Listen to what some of our customers and workshop attendees are saying about these unique workshops:

"...the information ... provided was timely and effective. The workshop material made a difference in how the participants viewed their work and their contributions to satsifying both their internal and external customers."

-- Assistant City Manager

"[The trainer] was polite, knowledgeable, respectful, and incisive."

--Workshop Attendee

"Thanks again for putting on a wonderful Municipal Leadership Academy ."

--Deputy City Clerk

"I enjoyed [the trainer's] pleasant voice, attitude, and presentation."

--Workshop Attendee

"For some time after the training, employees who had attended could be observed applying skills they had developed at the workshop in interactions with both customers and co-workers."

--Director, Personnel/Risk Management

"[The trainer] is a great communicator--he presented the material effectively by audience participation and humor."

--Workshop Attendee

"[The] workshops were of high quality and designed to be relevant to public sector employees. The workshops were clearly developed on an adult learning model and involved real world exercises and employee participation."

--Personnel Director

"[The workshop leader was] very knowledgeable about city policy and organizations, very interactive with the groups, very responsive, had a good sense of humor while getting the point across, and kept a good pace."

--Workshop Attendee

"Many of the different departments . . . normally do not get a chance to interact with each other in a positive reinforcement atmosphere. By having input from diverse perspectives, it helped all of the participants learn to communicate differently with different situations." --Human Resource Director

"I thought the course was great. I like how the group is able to to get involved, versus the coordinator just standing in front of the class talking."

--Public Works Attendee

"[The trainer] was thorough, fun, well-organized, and I had a great time and will take this back to my team."

--Workshop Attendee

"[The trainer] was awesome!"

--Workshop Attendee